Dip In The Pool (Live / JPN)

Tatsuji Kimura & Miyako Koda began making music as dip in the pool in 1983, turning heads with their ethereal Japanese pop sound & eccentric fashion aesthetic, particularly evident on the glitched out LaserDisc-only video release dipping in 1991 (it’s all on YouTube, you know what to do).

Their fit into the Music From Memory family came via the 12” reissue of On Retinae – a ‘lost classic’ featuring Yasuaki Shimizu on clarinet, which was originally part of a super rare Hong Kong pressing of only 50 copies, featuring a ‘West’ (English) & ‘East’ (Japanese) version of the track.

Needless to say, we’re chuffed to be hosting D.I.P.’s first ever Australian performance to bring you a dream state under their haze.