DāM-FunK (US)

Not just a disciple but a hard out proselytizer of funk, Dâm-Funk has dedicated his entire state of living to the genre, self-described as “a feeling of struggle and staying cool through it all.”

It goes without saying that his school is of the West Coast, via Uncle Jamm’s Army parties, and he came up in the 90s G-Funk movement as a go to session guy for stacks of MCs and producers including Mack 10 and MC Eiht. His catalogue runs deep on Stones Throw Records, from his own boogie bouncer Toeachizown to the burner collab 7 Days Of Funk with Snoop Dogg, and some of you heads might have even caught his atmospheric alias Garrett on Music From Memory.

See the man himself inviting the light on the Skylab Stage! 🤘