We’re back in our home, the ‘drome.

Coburg Velodrome is located at 30 Charles Street, Coburg North, Victoria.

If you’re training – catch the upfield to Batman Station.

If you’re tramming – catch the 19 to Gaffney Street.

If you’re riding – go along the Upfield line bike path.

We pay our respects to Coburg’s traditional owners – the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation – their elders past, present & emerging, and any First Nations people in the Freedom Time community.

Age Restrictions

Freedom Time is an 18+ event, so pack that ID.


Freedom Time is 100% accessible to those of you who party on wheels.


We’re not checking names on tickets, so don’t stress if you are buying or selling one. And on the topic of tickets, keep them digital! Don’t print your ticket if you’ve got a smartphone. Save those trees.

Guide To A Happy Party

As well seasoned party people, you know what to do

  1. Keep this pretty piece of country clean & tidy.
  2.  No punch-ons.
  3. Use your language lovingly.
  4. It’s only cute when it’s consensual.
  5. Check in with thy neighbor.

NQR Hotline

The staff & security responsible for operating this rodeo have been thoroughly briefed on our effervescent community’s standard of respect, and you, our beloved punter, should have worded yourself up on our guide to a happy party. In the case that something is just not quite right, please give us a buzz on the Freedom Time Facebook Page chat. We’ll have a member of staff equipped with a huge vibe & optimum 4G network to help you iron out any creases in your day and get back to doing what you do best – living your best life at the dance.